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ETHER OR ~ the album of the month for November 2016


Mostly recorded or layered in Wimberley, TX during the 2000s. Eclectic album of soundscapes & soundtracks to moments. Rock guitar to surf to freeform psychedelic jazz fusion. Adventurous music for listeners on adventures both outer & inner. 

1. Goodbye Michael
Michael Knust of Fever Tree was a big influence on my guitar playing and this is my elegy to him. No Ebow or sustain device was used – just a hollow blonde guitar and an amp, with an old Gibson bass, borrowed dulcimer, and TR505 drums. When I located Michael he turned out to be a guy I was backing up at open mic nights in Texas. “Mike” was not in a good way but he was a good soul. I recorded this right after I got the call.

2. Underground Man
Dedicated to a man they discovered living underground in the woods on Cape Cod. He said he had “Returned to the earth like a seed to regerminate.” I read the newspaper report and knew that would someday be me, in my own way. Wherever you are now, sir, I owe you this ceremony. TR505, acoustic bass & guitar, Native flute.

3. Improvisations On The Blanco
Piano, drums (Jim Erickson), river sounds – water, birdsong, cicadas. Breeze through the cypress. Let the notes flow over and around you like river water. 

4. For All Forgotten
Simple acoustic guitar meditation. Recording date unknown.

5. Spirit Of The Wind
Recorded in the back of a music shop I had in Melrose, MA, late 1990s, and named after a van I lived in back in ’95. Drums (Neal Dike), bass, electric guitar.

6. You’ll Never Be The Man Your Mother Was
Same session as #5; the translating voice is a random German substitute guitar teacher. I know it’s random, but so is asking anyone with an accent to translate ridiculous things. Can’t help it – I’m just that guy.

7. Theme Music For Sale
Drums, old Gibson bass, twangy guitar. Exactly what it’s titled as! Need opening or closing music for your show or video? Just be sure to credit “S. Beckwith / Parking Lot Music BMI” and have at it!

8. Interstellar Space Jam
Percussive drums, Leshian disconnected bass, and the most far out psychedelic fuzz guitar you might ever hear. Sound to rearrange the space between your atoms; one of my favorite pieces. This will clear a room when you want the party over, except for that one girl suddenly having a religious experience and that creepy levitating man. 

9. Enharmonic Convergence
Guitar, bass, piano, and peaceful Blanco River sounds. A little meditation with Wyatt Ellis on acoustic bass guitar. Cup nosed over by Luka the dog. That’s life. 

10. Soundtrack To An Awakening
Another late ‘90s piece, drums by Andy Harris. Acoustic guitar, tape reversed autoharp, Washburn 6-string bass. 

Offered to the Most High, all Greater, YOU and the universe with hopes it contributes in service to the good of this day.   


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