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It's morning Somewhere

February’s album of the month is It’s Morning Somewhere, recorded at the Cheatham Street Woodshed studio in San Marcos, TX and mixed & mastered in 2015. Turning the knobs was my favorite engineer ever, Russell Tanner - a man of steadfast courage who weathered slightly manic 11 and 12-hour sessions and my endless jumping from instrument to instrument as these songs built themselves in layers. Actually it was about four albums worth of material where this batch of sixteen really came together as a whole – and though my songwriting mentor Kent Finlay didn’t live to get the final work, he did get to hear some of the stuff… but more about him next month.

This is the result of having way too many songs sitting around. My music path blossomed into something different than public songwriter or performer, and I let it. After all, I signed on to follow the music where it took me – not the other way around. So one day I realize I have a truckload of songs and they’re all going to die with me if I pitch off the workshop stool. I did a triage and ended up with a hundred or so that I knew were my best. Tentatively scribbling album orders out of them, I started recording. They began combining and morphing. The electric album softened a little and the acoustic album plugged in after all. Somewhere in-between, this batch fell together and this order felt right. After sitting around a little longer with a bunch of other completed projects while I probed around for help putting some out – absolutely nothing – I realized the music biz has changed. How music is shared has evolved. I feel sad for artists who live off album sales, but you know that’s not me – I make guitars. All I want is for my music is for it to have the chance to be in others’ lives and become part of it, like so many others’ music has to mine - and never in recording history has that been so available. So really, once again in life I thought I’d missed it entirely only to have the perfect wave head right to my shore. Here you are – I hope something in here gives something to you and your world – because it’s some of the best I could make out of mine. I lived every one of these songs.

* * *

Special on this album are two songs by my late friend “Uncle Johnny” Kirtland – Good Cornbread and the closer, See Where The Evening Goes. Song For The Birds I wrote back in the mid ‘90s when I was homeless; I’d park my van where I could see the highway and watch the birds play in the puddles and under the overpass. The birds have always been there to bring me sunshine. Goodbye Cruel Town could be my favorite song that’s ever come through me; I just wasn’t meant to live around concrete. Prisoners of Promises is a much bigger redo of a song that was on my first album back in ’91. And, I had always wanted a Martin D35 and decided now was the time for some of this real studio recording I was deep into – and one came to me, right to me. So it’s all over this one, especially A World For Two. That’s all delicious D35, layered like pastry. But a D35 is a delicate high-maintenance thing and that’s not my world at all. So it was a short dance captured in time, one I knew wouldn’t last. Hey – that’s life; thanks for the dance.


Tools: A&L parlor acoustic, Yamaha classical, old Gibson J50 acoustic, Birdsong Fusion bass, African djembe drum, Toca egg shaker, Martin D35 acoustic, prototype D’AQUILA electric jazz guitar (lead on "Something Always Carries On" and "A World For Two"), Republic resonator guitar with old Craftsman spark plug socket (my favorite slide), studio piano, specially wired Strat-style guitar put together just for the electric sessions’ rhythm tracks then taken back apart, “The Bean” electric (lead on “Goodbye Cruel Town”), 5pc. Sonic drums with pawn shop Zildjian cymbals and a vintage blue sparkle ratty sounding Slingerland snare, Epiphone mandolin, a wooden chair, and Johnny’s GoldTone banjo.

1. Rising Of The Sun
2. Something Always Carries On
3. Good Cornbread
4. Life is Sad
5. Don’t Tempt Me
6. Perry’s Flatbed
7. Goodbye Cruel Town
8. Misty Rain
9. Wichyu
10. Good Times
11. Song For The Birds
12. Port Wine (And a Hill Country Girl)
13. A World For Two
14. Prisoners Of Promises
15. Meet Me Old Man
16. See Where The Evening Goes

All songs c 2015, S. Beckwith / Parking Lot Music BMI

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Selected Lyrics:

(Rising Of The Sun)

When I couldn't get away from the troubles I had found
I tried to make them stepping stones and walk to higher ground
But they turned into a prison where the pain is all you feel
And everything you love is just another bar of steel

When I'm feeling helpless 'cause I am only one
And I feel I've come so far but I've only just begun
When life's battles aren't so easily won
I set my hopes on the rising of the sun

(Life Is Sad)

A place so fine, so fine...
You were a melody in search of a rhyme
And I was a song waiting to be sung
Bet you never planned on this when you were still young
Life is sad... life is so sad
But don’t it make you smile sometimes?

Where are all those hands I held under the stars
Like long forgotten songs from an old roadworn guitar
Life is sad... life is so sad
But don’t it make you smile sometimes?

(Goodbye Cruel Town)

Fight or flight day and night
Separate the wrong and right
From all directions no relief in sight
And headed right for me

Aimless friends and spun out kin
Heartless people with dorsal fins
Lord forgive me for my sins
It's not the way I want to be

Goodbye cruel town
I'd really like to hang around
But I'm afraid I might drown
Before I ever learn to fly


There’s tools and fools and deadlines waiting out that door
Let ‘em all get in line that’s what tomorrows are for
I'll spend a million hours working this world can spare a few
I just wanna lay here wichyu…


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