Scott is releasing an album a month in 2016! Check the music page for links and info.



(Summer 2018 update is under way - not sure how many of the albums below still exist up in the world of digital reality, but that's kinda how that stuff goes. I've compiled the best of all of this into three albums I hope to release physically on CD - a so far untitled electric album, a deep acoustic "Roadman's Prayers" and "Hill Country Classics", which does have some levity and an underlying theme of faces & spaces I knew out here in the Hill Country woods. If you'd like a copy of them, email me scott@birdsongguitars.com. Working on a few book projects - and as always the Birdsong & related guitars & basses at www.birdsongguitars.com - then hope to make more music. Thanks for checking in!)

Music is my life. It came into my world as a kid with a few guitar riffs and melodic progressions that caught my ear... then became my path, living, and garden for life. Truth is, I came into IT, probably even before I was born, and it was just so many young years until I awoke into that realization. 

It's been an incredible journey of musical styles and chapters, how it came to me and through me in different ways. Currently my position is to craft the tools by which it is made; guitars, basses, and lap steels specifically. But I still live and breathe music and am in a state of perpetual creation.

In 2016 it was time to set free a bunch of material to go out and do what music does, what others' music has been to me and done for me - become part of the soundtrack to life, inspiration, entertainment, and medicine as needed. If anything I do can be any of that for anyone else, I humbly offer it back into that well. 

So I released an album a month - full albums of reissues, new and new-old singer-songwriter stuff, 25 years of 4-track road recordings from vans - motel rooms - parking lots, fresh studio full band stuff, instrumental music, soundscape and meditation music.  


January: American Bandwagon

Originally released in 2001, pure Americana from one man going back to the land.

February: It's Morning Somewhere
Completed in 2015, one of the big "Real studio" albums from the sessions of the past few years.

March: Finlay's Ripples
A simple batch of songs, just me and a guitar. The way Kent Finlay liked it best.

April: Tire Tracks vol. 1
A double album of genuine recordings from the road, 1996-2015. 

May: West Like The Sun
An eclectic electric album done while recording It's Morning Somewhere. 

June: Portrait
Here we veer into further eclectic sounds with a musical portrait of inside my head.

July: OMusic
And further out we go into cosmic electric transcendence - loud, loose & loaded.

August: Harvest Of The Soul
Acoustic textures and words of meaning; notes from a path within the journey.

September: Sonic Light Embrace
Instrumental impressions of journeys through seven directions.

October: Tire Tracks vol.2
Another "Double album" of song & instrumental sketches from the road.

November: Ether Or
Eclectic instrumental music for the mind, body & soul.

December: Uncle Chester's Pants
Some comic relief after all this other serious stuff!


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