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Sprout dharma

The plant just reaches for sky
It doesn't ask why
It won't begrudge you picking its fruit
Cutting its leaves or pruning its shoot
When dry it withers
In rain it greens
But all it knows
Is there's light so it leans...

And reaches and drinks
From what nourishes most
The water and sunshine
And smelly compost
Its purpose is pure
From the seed to the weed
To emerge and to grow
To bloom and to feed


One For The Whys

I don't live by that kind of logic
That leaves a man's pockets full
But his soul empty
Having never seen over the mountain

I do not wonder "What if" from here
I have tasted the wind
I have felt the rain
Not just gotten wet

This I know...
The turning point is far, far
Far beyond the point of no return

If sense holds you back
That is fine
If you don't understand the quest
That is OK
Go back and be sensible
In your safe decisions
Where your future awaits

But don't for a minute pretend
That going around the mountain
Will give you the view
Or turning back from it
Will leave you wiser
Merely because you avoided failure
By avoiding the bigger odds
Of the bigger dreams of stirred passions
Where another's destiny calls


(More to come...)

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