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Sonic Light Embrace


Many years ago a man of Native American heritage balancing the ways of his tradition with the crush of the modern world answered some questions from a young seeker drawn to his circle’s teepee. He spoke of seven directions – north, south, east, west, above, beneath and within – and that for answers to “…always seek the seventh direction.” 

A decade and many miles later (and over 10 years ago from now), understanding much better the gravity of his wisdom, I looked back at these directions and attempted to paint in sound what they had been to me in life to that point. The beauty, the strength, the confusion. The meaning. The memories. All I had left behind in them, taken onward with me, and hoped to still find. 

I gathered instruments including various drums, drum machine, and a guitar I felt was my tool of expression for something like impressionist prayer in notes, and recorded these instrumental meditations. Some are purely improvised and some composed, some layered and some a single voice. Some are in, some are out there; sometimes it changes by the measure. But this is life – especially the life of a seeker who tries to balance what he senses but cannot see with what he sees and cannot make sense of.  

As always I hope whatever I have manifested and shared outward means something to you and brings some beauty or healing to your world. May it serve you to your Highest good. Please share it where you feel it is needed. 

Scott Beckwith
September 2016

Recorded in the early 2000s in Organic Sound studio Wimberley, Texas
Written, performed & produced by Scott Beckwith ©2016
All songs by S. Beckwith / Parking Lot Music, BMI

1. North
2. South
3. East
4. West
5. Above
6. Beneath
7. Within

Total time: 40 minutes



Do link to www.sbeckwith.com when you can & keep the credit "S. Beckwith / Parking Lot Music BMI" on it where applicable. That's how my art will feed my life. If you want to use any of it for commercial purposes please just get in touch: parkinglotmusic1@yahoo.com. 

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