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Released October 2016

A second "Double album" of genuine recordings from the road! The thing I have for the road is almost as deep as what I have for music. Life has been skeletoned, tapestried, dressed & framed by both. Music led me to the road, which led me to more music, which… you get the drift. Now, there’s the kind of music that I listen to on the road – Running on Empty, Born To Run, Bat Out Of Hell, Bob Seger, long Dead jams, delta blues, Creedence Clearwater Revival – and then there’s the music the road inspires through me. Raw, mostly acoustic songs.

I’ve spent a lot of time in vehicles on the road – mostly vans, road trips, but sometimes in housetrucks; little rolling homes. Sometimes when you’re out there pretty much cut off and self contained your perception changes… I find that an incredibly creative space to be in. So just about every road trip I’ve done since the mid 1990s I’ve had an old Tascam PortaOne 4-track aboard and written & recorded songs along the way – aboard the van in rest areas, parking lots and truck stops, and here and there in the occasional motel room.

With Tire Tracks vol. 2 I continue to release the best of all of this material. By “best” I mean in an artistic way – that these are pure songs coming out and captured raw in the moment, real music of the road. If it conveys something about what I was feeling, isn’t that art? If it moves you to feel something? Isn’t this form of communication what the arts is about? I have more polished, commercial stuff up and more to come. This is not that. Please don’t be the indie label guy on the west coast… “There appears to be some distortion on some of these tracks. I can even hear traffic noises.” (“No shit?”) 

None of this is perfect; none of it is meant to be. I probably didn’t even know what day it was.

I share this with you because I know how much a few really raw moments captured and left unpolished – think Springsteen’s Nebraska or Neil Young’s Tonight’s The Night, or the acoustic demos from Stephen Stills or Paul Simon floating around – meant to me as honest work, sonic companionship, and deep inspiration. These were just things that happened as a part of the way I travel and regroup. I’ve written and recorded entire albums’ worth of material on single journeys… vol. 2 has some of the unreleased “Econoline Dreams” on it, recorded in a motel room in Gulfport Mississippi in 2010 and an album I hope to one day give its due as a 2CD set - one the original song sketches from the road, and the second a full band electric production. For now, a few samples. Also mixed in here are original versions of a few songs you may have heard on other releases if you've been following along. Many were born on the side of the road, just like me in a way.

I’ll be listing over time the tracks and where & when they were recorded and putting up more road pics. Some can be seen on the vol. 1 page here. Vol. 2 has recordings from 1996-2014 and closes with the same tune as the first, Drifter's Theme, this one recorded at a campfire in an empty campground miles back into the mountains behind Three Rivers in New Mexico. There's material on here from truck stops, parking lots, motel rooms & rest areas in TN, MO, VA,FL, MS, PA, OK, and a few unknowns too. Please consider any sonic issues or looseness in presentation proof of authenticity. Peace on your journeys and may the winds be at your back. ~Scott

Written, performed & completely unproduced by Scott Beckwith
All hail the Tascam PortaOne and Maxell XLII tape!
All songs by S. Beckwith / Parking Lot Music BMI

1. Invocation
(Candy Creek Campground I40 in TN, space 23, May 2000)
2. For The Gold
(Phillips 66 side lot, New Florence MO, June 14 2001)
3. West Like The Sun - original version, part one
(Cadillac Motel rm. 102, Ashland VA, Jan. 9 2007)
4. Different Down The Line
(Sleep Inn Tampa FL rm. 101, Dec. 23 2014)
5. Life Is Sad - original version
(Super 8 rm. 200, Pascagoula MS Jan. 11 2007)
6. Prayers For Annie
(Room 4 Red Carpet Inn, Milford PA March 18 1996)
7. I Made Her Cry
(Guest Inn Rm. 163, Ardmore OK, May 16 2000)
8. Not My Hands - original version
(Cadillac Motel rm. 102 Ashland VA, Jan. 9 2007)
9. Babylon Road
(Best Western I-10 Gulfport MS, room 300, Dec. 28-29 2012) 
10. There Will Be Highways
(Best Western I-10 Gulfport MS, room 300, Dec. 28-29 2012)
11. Since I Fell For You
(Location & date unknown - somewhere out on the road)
12. A Smile From Maria
(Best Western I-10 Gulfport MS, room 300, Dec. 28-29 2012) 
13. Soundtrack To The Sounds Around Me
(Location & date unknown - somewhere out on the road)
14. Roll Me Out
(Best Western I-10 Gulfport MS, room 300, Dec. 28-29 2012) 
15. I'll Be Home
(Room 4 Red Carpet Inn Milford, PA March 19 1996)
16. Tune For The In-Betweeners
(Location & date unknown - somewhere out on the road)
17. (Truck sounds between track 16 and 18) 
(Petro Lot off 446 near Joplin, MO June 13 2001)
18. West Like The Sun (original version, part two) 
(Cadillac Motel rm. 102, Ashland VA, Jan. 9 2007)
19. Econoline Dreams
(Best Western I-10 Gulfport MS, room 300, Dec. 28-29 2012)
20. Drifter's Theme
(By a campfire in an empty campground miles down a dirt road into the mountains behind Three Rivers in NM, Jan. 2010)

Two albums' worth (if we were putting it on vinyl). PICS COMING OF VANS, ROAD, GEAR ETC.

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