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West Like The Sun ~ May's album of the month!

West Like The Sun is an eclectic electric album produced from the Woodshed (San Marcos, TX) sessions, recorded and mixed by Russell Tanner. There are musical sections and forms that foreshadow and repeat, and a thread to the lyrics - it was made as an album and will make the most sense experienced as an album.

Based on a batch of acoustic pieces written on an alternate-tuned 12-string and a group of lyrics in an orange folder, the songs were pieced together in one session, labeled “Orange” and forgotten about. While working up the material that became “It’s Morning Somewhere”, this album was rediscovered and built along with that one into what it is now. I see it as the most true work musically to all of my influences in music and life and an honest reflection outward… really all an artist can ask for from the creative process.

As always, I hope it means something to you and brings something good to your life and its soundtrack.

1. Song For a New Day
2. Resignation
3. Grows Stronger
4. Think It’s Gonna Be Alright
5. Lord Don’t Let Me Grow Weak
6. Song For Suki
7. Perfectly You
8. West Like The Sun
9. Day One
10. Not My Hands / Requiem

(All songs S. Beckwith / Parking Lot Music BMI)

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